Chris Coleman, Ph.D.

Dr. Chris Coleman (Post-doctoral fellow) hails from the United Kingdom.  His Bachelors of Science is from The University of Warwick where he graduated with honors in Microbiology and Virology. Chris’s PhD is from The University of Sheffield where he studied the host response to RSV.  His first post-doc was with Dr. Li Wu at The Medical College of Wisconsin and then The Ohio State University where he studies the immune response to HIV.  Chris arrived to the Frieman Lab in September of 2012 1 month before MERS-CoV emerged.  He has worked on MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV ever since focusing on developing reagents for MERS-CoV, developing a mouse model for MERS-CoV and identifying drugs, vaccines and antibodies that block MERS-CoV.  Outside of lab he enjoys touring around Baltimore and a good English cider.IMG_0231