Raja Venkataraman

Raja is a graduate student in the Frieman Lab.  He started his academic career in a developmental biology lab at the University of Miami under the mentorship of Dr. Mary Lou King, who was studying the genes involved in the development of germ cells in Xenopus laevis. His work with Dr. King resulted in a Masters degree (M.S) in Cell, Developmental and Molecular Biology. He then joined the lab of Dr. Glen Barber, also at the University of Miami, who specialized in studying innate immunity. Raja’s work with Dr. Barber was focused on finding out how eukaryotic cells protect themselves against viral infections.  There he helped identify a novel regulator of innate immunity, called LGP2, that connects the cell’s sensing of an invading virus to an anti-viral response leading to protection of the cell.  He then joined the Frieman Lab for a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology where he focuses on SARS-CoV pathogenesis.IMG_0453