IMG_0444After growing up in the Baltimore suburb of Owings Mills, I completed my undergraduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis with a major in Biology. During my time there I worked in the lab of Dr. Craig Pikaard investigating chromatin silencing and gene expression. I then received my PhD from The Johns Hopkins University where I was mentored by Dr. Brendan Cormack in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. There I studied the yeast cell wall and how cell wall proteins affect pathogenesis of Candida glabrata. My post-doctoral training was at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the laboratory of Dr. Ralph Baric where I studied the Innate Immune Response to the SARS Coronavirus. After my post-doctoral fellowship I joined the faculty in The Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Maryland School of Medicine where I began my own lab in July of 2009. My lab studies the Pathogenesis and Host Response of the SARS Coronavirus.